using the forum


In order to use the Orgadata Forum, a registration with the ORGADATA ID is required. The registration can be accessed via this link: https://community.orgadata.com/login/

After entering the data, an e-mail with an activation link will be sent.

Log in / Log out
  • To log in, use the "Log in" button in the top right-hand corner or follow this link: https://community.orgadata.com/login/
  • To log out, open your Control Panel and click "Logout" at the very bottom.
Change user name

The user name in the Orgadata Forum is taken from your ORGADATA ID. Click on your avatar in the top right corner to open the Control Panel. Then click "Manage Your Account" to change your user name in the ORGADATA ID.

Settings / Control Panel

The Control Panel contains all the settings you can make in the Orgadata Forum.

  • Click your avatar in the upper right corner to open the Control Panel.
  • Clicking on your user name will take you to your user profile. Your recent activities, reactions and followers are displayed here.
  • Under "Manage Your Account" you will find settings for your ORGADATA ID account, security settings and the possibility to change your avatar.
  • Under "Settings" you will find display and notification settings for the forum.
  • Under "Community" you can view your notifications, users you are following and blocked users.
Notifications / Subscriptions
  • Click the bookmark icon in the subforum to subscribe:
  • Select a setting in the drop-down menu that opens. We recommend the setting "Subscribed (Posts and Threads)".
  • From now on, you will be notified by the bell icon:
  • Click "Forum" to get an overview of your subscribed forums and threads:
  • Open your Control Panel and click "Settings and Privacy" to enable email notifications:
  • In the following window, set when to receive instant or daily email notifications.
Unread posts
  • In the forum overview https://community.orgadata.com/forum/ the subforum of the unread post is marked.
  • On the right side in the drop-down menu "Forum" the subitem "Unread posts" appears. Clicking on the menu item will take you to a separate area where all unread posts are listed.
  • The bell icon for notifications in the upper right corner will be highlighted:
  • Basically, all news are displayed on the dashboard https://community.orgadata.com/dashboard/.
  • Some of these options are only available if you have subscribed to the respective subforum or thread.
Mark as read
  • Select the subforum you want to mark as read.
  • lick "✓ Mark all as read" above the list of topics.
  • If you want to mark all subforums of the Orgadata Forum as read, open https://community.orgadata.com/forum and click "✓ Mark all as read".
Pinned threads

Pinned threads are always top of the list. The threads are marked by the pin and are given priority in their visibility. Threads are pinned by the moderator team and are therefore important.


You can use the search function to search the forum for threads and posts that contain your search term. Use the search before you create a thread.

  • Click the magnifier symbol at the top right of the screen. The search box will open.
  • Select "Everywhere" from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your search term in the field.
  • Click "More Options" to narrow the search.
The right subforum for your thread

You can find the right forum for your question by looking at the forum name, the other topics in the forum and, if available, the description under the forum name. The search function can also help you to find the right place for similar questions. A moderator will move the question to the correct forum if necessary.

React to posts (like / dislike)

Approval or disapproval of a post can be given without replying to the post:

  • Click on the smiley with the label "React" below the respective post.
  • Choose between thumbs up for approval and thumbs down for disapproval.
  • Your reaction will be displayed on the left below the post and the author will receive a notification:

  • Your reaction is also listed on the dashboard: „https://community.orgadata.com/dashboard/“

Create content

Create thread

Use the search function before creating a thread. Your question may already have been answered.

  • Log in to the Orgadata Forum.
  • Open the subforum in which you want to create a new thread.
  • Click the orange button "+ Create thread" in the top right-hand corner.
  • Enter a meaningful title for your thread and write the first post below it. The most common formatting options are available for this.
  • You can add attachments or a survey below the text field.
  • Finally, click on the grey button "Preview" at the bottom centre or directly click the orange "Submit" button.
Reply to a topic / Write a post
  • Log in to the Orgadata Forum.
  • Open the thread you want to reply to.
  • Scroll to the most recent post. The text editor will always open automatically under the most recent post.
  • Enter your reply in the text editor. The most common formatting options are available.
  • You can add attachments or a poll below the text editor.
  • Finally, click the grey "Preview" button at the bottom centre to view your post or click directly the orange "Reply" button.
Add attachments (pictures, files, polls)
  • Log in to the Orgadata forum.
  • Open the thread where you want to add attachments.
  • Scroll to the most recent post. The text editor will always open automatically under the most recent post.
  • Enter your reply in the text editor. You can use the most common formatting options.
  • Click "Attachments" below the text field and then click "Upload" to upload attachments. Have a look at the conditions under the "Upload" button to ensure that the upload is successful.
  • Click "Poll" below the text field to add a poll. Enter the poll question and the poll option below it. Click the "+" symbol next to the poll option to add further poll options. Further options are available at the bottom.
  • Finally, click the grey "Preview" button at the bottom centre to view your post or directly click the orange "Reply" button.
Quote posts
  • Click the "-icon below the post to quote it.
  • The quote is inserted directly into the text editor of the same thread. Here it can be edited (e.g. shortened).
  • Click on the title line "Quote from ..." to adjust the properties or delete the quote.
  • As soon as you quote a post, it is stored in the citation memory. This has the advantage that you can also quote posts from other sub-forums.
    • If posts are in the quote memory, you can also access them in other topics at the bottom right via the orange button "Quotes".
    • Select the quotes you would like to insert and click "Insert marked quotes".
    • The quotes are inserted into the text editor of the respective thread.

Rules and violations

Terms of use

Please respect the terms of use for our forum: https://community.orgadata.com/terms-of-use/ These are obligatory, just like the Netiquette.


Our Netiquette is the guideline for the use of the Orgadata Forum and contains our rules of conduct: Netiquette for our forum


Warnings are issued to a user for violating the Netiquette/Terms of use or through improper behaviour. This is not done without reason and serves to maintain forum peace. It is at the discretion of the moderators which warning is issued. This depends directly on the severity as well as the frequency of past misconduct. If the person who has been warned is repeatedly misbehaving, he or she may be temporarily excluded from the forum or the user account may be deleted completely.

Reporting offensive, hurtful or inappropriate content

Posts that are offensive, hurtful or inappropriate in any way (see Netiquette/Terms of use, can be reported by any user:

  • Click on the triangle with an exclamation mark under the respective post.
  • Enter a reason for the report.

The post will be reported to the moderator.

If a post has already been reported, a corresponding note will be displayed.

My post was deleted / My thread was closed

If one of your posts was deleted by the moderation, then it might have violated our Netiquette/Terms of use. In principle, we do not delete posts; only in exceptional cases or in the case of clear violations. Threads will also only be closed in the case of clear violations. A temporary closure can be made if a heated discussion should be left alone for a certain period of time.

Product names

In principle, mentioning product names is permitted. Product discussions/ratings, however, are not permitted and will be deactivated.


Advertising is strictly prohibited (see Terms of use)! We do not allow links for advertising purposes or the presentation of companies or products. Violation of this rule might lead to exclusion from the forum.

Not permitted content

Our Terms of use list the content that is not permitted.

General information

The Orgadata Forum

Here you can find information about the Orgadata Forum: the digital meeting place for window, door and facade construction

Titles / Labels of some users

Moderators / Administrators

Moderators keep the peace in the forum and are contact persons for the users. Moderators intervene in topics when necessary. Administrators, on the other hand, regulate the technical process of the forum and are the contact person for technical difficulties.


Our Insiders get access to the latest features and beta versions before all other users do. Our Insiders can test the software at an early stage and thus have a great influence on the further development of Logikal. Apply now for the Insider Programme.

Contact the moderation team

Feel free to contact us via the contact form: https://community.orgadata.com/kontakt/

Cookies in the Orgadata Forum

Find information about cookies in our Privacy Policy.

Clear cache and cookies

Cookies can be managed and removed in the settings of your internet browser. In addition, the storage of cookies can be completely disabled in the settings. We have compiled the information on cookies for the most popular browsers for you::