Installation reparieren

  • Hello,

    we have caught the update of the 12s to the 12.2, which has now turned out to be faulty and has been withdrawn.

    Now the colleagues in IT have been able to restore the folder "LL", which is empty in our case.

    However, we now have the problem that reports cannot be printed/displayed, also the input masks no longer calculate.

    The telephone support knows about the problem and asked me to be patient until IT has found a solution.

    Now my question, to get the Program running again:

    1. is it possible to repair the original installation to be able to work cleanly with 12.0 again?

    2. or is it possible to export the projects and settings cleanly, re-run the 12.0 installation and then import the data again?

    Many thanks,

    Sebastian Decker

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