SCHÜCO Stammdate: selbe Kontur mit unterschiedlichen Lieferlängen

  • Schüco offers profiles with different delivery lengths in the ADUP system. These can already be joined together as a group in version 11.x via OWN DATABASE - ARTICLE SETTING - PROFILE GROUPS. If in a "large order" with several elements of the same type or over the function PRODUCTION UNITS (individual orders of the same type) is used with several orders, it is desirable that the always profile groups could be used in such a way that e.g. 2x 6000 mm, 1x 5500 mm and 3x 6500 mm bars can be determined. Of course, only those from the appropriate profile group.

    Example profiles:

    507170, 522080, 522090

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    • Official Post

    Dear Mr. Tittel,

    thank you very much for your good suggestion for improvement. After consultation with our product management, we already have the topic in mind and will consider it in the course of the revision "Optimization in LogiKal".

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