Paneele mehrschichtig

  • Hello all,

    is there a possibility to create panels with several layers? So in the concrete case I need a 2mm aluminum sheet in raw on the inside, then 2x 12.5mm gypsum board, then 20mm rigid foam board and finally an 8mm ESG-H glass facade panel on the outside. The layers should then also be distinguishable from each other with different hatchings when you draw a cut through.

    From time to time, bullet-resistant and fire-retardant panels also need several layers. Aluminum sheet>Surface adhesive>Steel sheet>Surface adhesive>Promatect>Surface adhesive>Aluminum sheet, so if you could also specify the adhesive thickness it would be perfect. Partly it has to be applied with a notched trowel, so it has a similar thickness as compressed tile adhesive.

    Or is there an "alternative trick"?

    Thank you very much for the help.

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