Platzhalter für kundenbezogene Rabattkonditionen

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    You can use placeholders to define customer-specific delivery and payment terms that are taken into account in the calculation and displayed on the printouts.

    The Program offers you the following placeholders, which you can include in the text:

    • DATE -> Determines the current date
    • TOTAL -> Total price

    Example:Current date: 08.04.2024

    Total price: EUR 1,225.91

    Enter the following formula in the text field under "Conditions":

    Payable by {DATE+10} with 3% discount {TOTAL*0.03} = {TOTAL*0.97}

    The following text will be used on the printouts:

    Payable by 18.04.2024 with 3% discount 36,78 EUR = 1.189,13 EUR

    Further information can be found in the online help in the article"Assigning calculation data to a customer".

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