Wie kann ich mein Logikal um weitere Module und Stammdaten erweitern?

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    Using dongle modules, you have the option of further equipping your LogiKal with the following modules:

    • CAD-Suite 2D
    • CNC machining and bar drawings
    • Production units
    • CNC
    • CNC with cutting
    • Isotherm calculation with WinIso2D
    • 3D interface conservatory
    • 3D interface CAD/geometry
    • BIM
    • ERP interface
    • Site dimension export interface

    Additional data statuses can also be added at any time.

    To do this, please contact your responsible sales representative. You can find out which colleague is responsible for you in our current overview at https://www.orgadata.com/vertrieb.

    As soon as you have contacted our colleague, they will forward the information discussed to the internal sales department. The internal sales team will then provide you with the corresponding module adjustments/extension of the data statuses. You will receive an e-mail confirming the contract adjustment with a description of how to activate the new modules/extensions on your dongle.

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