News 11.04.2024 – GEG-Novellierung: Relevante Aspekte für Planung und Einsatz von Fenstern, Fassaden und Verglasungen

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    At the turn of the year, new provisions of the Building Energy Act (GEG) came into force - the "Heating Act", as it is known in everyday language, has been in force since January 1, 2024. In new buildings, only heating systems that generate at least 65% of their heat from renewable energy sources may be installed. The reference value for the primary energy requirement will remain EH55 for 2024, but will be reduced to EH40 from 2025.

    When planning buildings, it is important to find an economical combination of the various components. In its current issue 2/24, looks at the resulting challenges for windows, façades and glazing. The authors of the article, Prof. Jörn Peter Lass, Director of the ift Rosenheim Institute, and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Konrad Huber, Head of the ift Rosenheim Building Physics Laboratory, highlight the legal requirements of the GEG and also address the consequences and pitfalls for the U-values of windows and glazing.

    One such pitfall is a possible incorrect optimization due to the H'T requirements, as the GEG does not currently include solar energy gains through windows and glazing.

    The article also presents verification methods for the heat transfer coefficient UW and provides an outlook on the planned amendments to the GEG 2025: Article GEG amendments 2023/2025: Windows, façades and glazing

    We at Orgadata are also adapting our software to market requirements.

    Last year, we received the certificate for LogiKal for U-value calculation according to the current standard from ift Rosenheim.

    You can download this certificate here: ift-Nachweis Eignung von Logikal zur U-Wert-Ermittlung.pdf

    Our online help also offers support for calculating U-values with LogiKal: Online help U-value

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