News 10.05.2024 – Grüner und nachhaltiger bauen - Neue Merkblätter des Verbandes Fenster + Fassade (VFF)

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    At the end of March, the Technical Committee of the German Window + Façade Association (VFF) published three new guidelines dealing with important aspects of façade greening, sustainability and legal notes on the execution of structural connections for windows, doors and curtain walling.

    Fact sheet on façade greening

    Fact sheet FA.02 provides a comprehensive description of various greening systems for ground and wall-mounted façades. It explains the advantages and disadvantages of these systems in detail and addresses the specific requirements for professional greening. Particular attention is paid to the coordination obligations of specialist companies for façade construction as well as irrigation and drainage technology.

    Fact sheet on sustainability

    Fact sheet NA.01 deals with important terms, legal regulations and codes of practice on the subject of sustainability. In addition to explaining general sustainability criteria based on the 3-pillar model, the background to the circular economy and national and international building certification systems are described. It also provides an overview of the options for providing evidence through environmental product declarations (EPDs) and manufacturer certificates.

    Code of practice for the execution of external building connections on windows, doors and façades

    The VOB.06 leaflet focuses on level transitions and the required overall planning and coordination of different trades for sealing. It explains the contractual and legal principles as well as relevant standards. The client's planning obligations and the requirements during project execution, including the contractor's coordination obligations and rights, are described in detail.

    The leaflets can be purchasedas a PDF or in printed form from DIN Media at or in the VFF store at VFF members receive one free copy of each leaflet and also have free access to

    Source: metallbau-magazin

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