News 30.05.2024 – Aktiv auf Social Media – ja oder nein? Das sollten Handwerksbetriebe bedenken

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    Is it right for my company to be active on social media? Many metalworkers ask themselves this question. The article "How much social media is right for the trade?" in the current issue of M&T Metallhandwerk und Technik offers sound help in answering it. Construction journalist Jan Birkenfeld outlines the framework conditions and points out what to look out for.

    Requirements for a presence on social platforms

    Time and your own website are the most important prerequisites for a presence on social media. Your own website provides further information about the company and therefore a solid foundation on which the social media profiles can be built. Time (in working hours and therefore costs) goes into planning as well as regular maintenance and responding promptly to inquiries and comments.

    Once the decision has been made to launch a new social media presence, a carefully planned start is essential. It must be clearly defined in advance who from the company will publish which posts and when. A frame for content, a linguistic style and whether to use formal or informal language should be defined. Another area is the legal requirements. Copyright and the right to one's own image must be observed. The article provides practical tips on this.

    Well maintained - effort in everyday life

    Once set up, social media presences are not a sure-fire success. Posts need to be made regularly, at least once a month, preferably once a week. To increase awareness, you should be active on the platforms yourself, for example through comments or advertising. It is particularly important to respond quickly to inquiries and comments every working day.

    Choosing the social media channel

    There are many different social media platforms. Choosing the right platform(s) depends on which target groups you want to reach, for example clients or potential trainees. This article briefly introduces various channels with their target groups and special features.

    Weigh up realistically

    Generating orders, attracting skilled workers, cultivating your image: social media channels can be an important aid in many areas. At the same time, a presence on social networks also harbors risks, such as unjustified negative reviews.

    In any case, social media offers metal construction companies a modern platform to present themselves as a modern, customer-oriented company. Before creating a presence on social media, however, you should consider how much work and time you want to spend on setting up and maintaining your profile(s). The article from M&T Metallhandwerk und Technik will help you with this.

    The full article "How much social media is right for the skilled trades?" by Jan Birkenfeld was published in M&T Metallhandwerk und Technik, issue 5/2024, pages 55 to 57.

    You can download the online edition here:

    M&T Metallhandwerk und Technik - Online editions

    Picture credits: eremin Adobe Stock #478985279; Orgadata

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