News 27.06.2024 – VFF-Appell an die Bundesregierung: Aktiv werden für die Wirtschaft

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    Frank Lange, Managing Director of the German Window + Curtain wall Association (VFF), is calling on politicians to take decisive action for the construction industry. He is calling for concrete economic incentives to strengthen the industry and increase the attractiveness of tax depreciation.

    Lange is in favor of an immediate write-off of 30% for investments in energy-efficient renovation measures and new construction. According to Lange, this measure would not only mobilize private capital and promote investment, but would also create workstations subject to social security contributions, strengthen the economy and ultimately lead to higher VAT revenues.

    The current declining balance depreciation of 5% for new buildings is not sufficient. Immediate depreciation of 30 percent is necessary to provide real impetus. "The entire construction industry now needs an economic stimulus in order to be able to fulfill its important role as a pillar of the economy," emphasizes Lange.

    He calls on the federal government to take action in this matter and implement the proposed measures. According to Lange, the proposed model would allow for partial self-financing. "We need a strong, short-term economic stimulus for the construction industry and therefore for the entire German economy," Lange appeals to political leaders.

    With these demands, the VFF underlines the urgent need to support the construction industry and thus make a significant contribution to strengthening the German economy.


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    Video statement by Frank Lange, recorded at the VFF's 2024 annual congress in Hamburg

    Position paper with 8 key points for a sustainable building policy from the Representative Body Transparent Building Envelope (RTG), of which the VFF is also a member

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