Terms of use


ORGADATA Software-Dienstleistungen AG ("ORGADATA") provides the ORGADATA forum for use by registered users of the ORGADATA ID ("user:in") on the website https://community.orgadata.com/ ("website"). The ORGADATA forum is used for the exchange of information and ideas among users and with ORGADATA about ORGADATA's software products. The users, who participate with contributions and comments, have to comply with these terms of use and are responsible for the correctness and appropriateness as well as the freedom from legal violations of their contributions.

§ 1 Use

(1) The ORGADATA forum is available to all users free of charge within the framework of the terms of use. Users can only become, who has already registered for the ORGADATA ID, activated the own user account, has reached the age of eighteen and has confirmed the validity of the terms of use including the data protection information.

(2) The user can choose whether he/she publishes under his/her real name or a pseudonym and can either change the relevant own registration data himself/herself in the login area under the profile data or inform ORGADATA by text form.

(3) In order to post a contribution in the ORGADATA forum, users must log in with their user name and password. Users have to keep their access data secret and to inform ORGADATA immediately in case of suspicion of obtaining knowledge and/or misuse of the registration data by third parties.

§ 2 Publications

(1) The comments and contributions are publicly accessible to everyone on the internet. Not accessible for everyone are however contributions in those areas in the ORGADATA forum, which contain the bracketed addition "protected area" in the heading. All contributions published in the ORGADATA forum - except those in the above mentioned "protected areas" - can be referenced in search engines and thus be duplicated and read by third parties.

(2) According to the relevant legal regulations, all users are solely responsible for contents published by the user in the ORGADATA forum. This applies in particular to the protection of personal rights, intellectual property, press law, industrial property rights, copyright as well as the right to one's own image and the compliance with criminal prohibitions as well as the regulations for the protection of children and young people.

(3) Prohibited in particular are:

  • the deception of identity by imitating another natural or legal person;
  • the knowing dissemination of untrue information;
  • the publication of off-topic content or content that does not correspond to the purpose of the forum, including confidential information;
  • posting content that contains malicious software;
  • promoting brands, products or services;
  • Insults or abusive language towards other users and/or third parties, as well as the use of hateful, abusive or vulgar language (including symbols or other signs);
  • personal attacks based on race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sexual preference, political or philosophical views, trade union membership, occupation, disability or other difference of any kind;
  • copying, falsifying or publishing contributions of other users without their prior consent. This also applies to screenshots of such contributions;
  • the multiple posting of topics (avoidance of double postings);
  • the setting of links by means of which the user violates the content of the points mentioned in this paragraph.

(4) All users commit themselves to inform ORGADATA in case of knowledge of illegal contents, identity theft and other forbidden uses in the sense of paragraphs 2.2. to 2.3. or the suspicion of such actions.

(5) In individual cases ORGADATA may be obliged to provide information about the identity of the respective user to third parties in case of illegal behavior. The user agrees that ORGADATA may provide information about the registration details to a third party for the defense of claims due to contents of the respective user.

§ 3 Blocking of content and users

(1) ORGADATA reserves the right to carry out a moderation of the individual blog contributions and also to use a filter software customary in the market, which automatically and if necessary after individual review blocks contributions according to the black list principle, which contain unauthorized contents in the sense of clauses 2.2. to 2.3.

(2) ORGADATA is entitled and obligated to block contents in whole or in part without further notice to the user and/or to make the republication dependent on a legally compliant modification of the content or a binding court decision, if ORGADATA becomes aware of contents which are illegal or violate the terms of use or if such a suspicion exists.

(3) ORGADATA reserves the right to block/deny access temporarily and/or permanently to users who violate the terms of use or in case of suspicion of such a violation.

§ 4 Cancellation, termination of use; deletion and anonymisation

(1) The user has the right to terminate his/her own registration at any time without giving reasons and without notice. For this purpose, the user can make the corresponding change himself/herself directly in the login area in the profile settings or alternatively inform ORGADATA accordingly in text form.

(2) ORGADATA has the right to terminate the registration of the user for the ORGADATA forum without giving reasons with a notice period of two weeks to the end of the month. The termination for an important reason is reserved.

(3) Contributions and comments published by the user remain publicly accessible even after the end of registration, unless ORGADATA deletes them on the basis of its own decision. Within two months ORGADATA will replace the name of the user used in the ORGADATA forum with a pseudonym, if the user requests ORGADATA to do so.

§ 5 Protection of intellectual property

(1) All contents published in the ORGADATA forum by ORGADATA, in particular texts, illustrations, sound or image files as well as video stills or sequences, are protected by copyright. The reproduction and distribution of these aforementioned contents requires the prior express consent of ORGADATA.

(2) The user(s) of the ORGADATA forum have to respect the copyrights of the other users.

(3) The user(s) grant ORGADATA simple rights of use to their contributions including any video, sound and/or image files free of charge for worldwide unrestricted use on the website. The granting of the rights of use is granted for an unlimited period of time.

§ 6 Liability and guarantee of rights

(1) The user guarantees that he/she has the necessary rights to publish and/or make available the contributions posted by him/her.

(2) The user is responsible for all contributions and/or files he/she posts and indemnifies ORGADATA in case of claims. In case of a claim against ORGADATA by a third party because of contents published by the user, the user has to give ORGADATA information and to provide necessary information, as far as he/she does not incriminate him/herself as a defendant.

§ 7 Protection of personal data

Users have the right to have their personal data, which is inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous or no longer current, or whose collection or use, disclosure or storage is prohibited, or for which consent has been revoked, corrected, completed, specified, updated or deleted. For information and deletion requests, users can contact ORGADATA or the data protection officer of ORGADATA. You can find more information on data protection in the data protection information at https://community.orgadata.com/privacy-policy/.

§ 8 Reservation of right to change

ORGADATA reserves the right to modify or discontinue access to the ORGADATA Forum, in whole or in part, at any time, temporarily or permanently, with or without notice. ORGADATA may change the functionalities of the ORGADATA forum or discontinue its provision at any time. The users have no right to be allowed to do so.

ORGADATA can change the terms of use at any time. The logged in and registered users will be informed about the changed version of the terms of use by e-mail two weeks before it comes into force. If a user objects to the changes of the terms of use until their coming into force, the user agreement ends with the coming into force of the new terms of use. ORGADATA draws attention to this legal consequence when sending the modified terms of use. The current version of the terms of use can be found on the website at https://community.orgadata.com/terms-of-use/.

§ 9 Applicable law

The use of the ORGADATA forum is subject to German law.